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Staging Your Home without Spending a Fortune

When the time comes to sell your house you need to make it appeal to as many buyers as possible.  That is where staging comes in, it allows you to show off the best qualities of your home and allows buyers to envision themselves in your house.  If money is tight don’t worry, staging your home without spending a fortune is entirely possible.  Let us show you how.

Clear Out and De-personalize

In order for the buyer to envision themselves in your home is by you not being there.  That means that all of your personal items need to go.  Take down the kids’ photos and the wedding pictures they are just distracting.  You also need to clear the clutter out of your home, it makes your home look larger and neater.  If you have lots of extra stuff then consider getting a storage locker until you move.

Clean, Clean and Clean Some More

Your home needs to be spotless, it should definitely pass the white glove test.  Nobody likes looking at dust bunnies and sinks full of dishes.  Be prepared to scrub down walls and baseboards, those dusty ceiling fans and the windows as well.

Update the Fixtures

Unless your home is fairly new or just been renovated then it can use a little updating.  If a buyer thinks your house looks old their offer will reflect that.  You can make some pretty easy changes like changing the hardware on the cupboards for chrome or brushed nickel.  You can do the same with the towel bars in the bathroom.  Here is how to update the fixtures cheaply.


Never underestimate just what a fresh coat of paint can do for your home.  If you have decorated with a lot of bright colors then you are better off changing them to neutral colors.

Open Up Your Closets

Cleaning out your closet is the least fun thing ever but it needs to be done.  You want to have as much open storage space as possible so it’s time to get rid of the clutter.  When it comes to your clothes closet go and get some matching hangars.  Get rid of all the old clothes that don’t fit and organize as much as possible.

The Bedrooms

Bedrooms should be gender neutral so anyone can picture themselves living there.  Get rid of the puffy pink bed spread and choose something more neutral.  You want to have the broadest appeal possible in the room.


Bathrooms need to be immaculately clean.  Remove all of your personal items and add fresh clean towels.  Add a candle to make the room smell better.